Friday, February 13, 2009

Buy Term Life Insurance - It’s The Best Value!

If you are in the market for an affordable life insurance policy, a term life insurance policy is the best value for you. Not only is term life insurance the least expensive kind of life insurance, but it also allows you to determine how long you want to be covered. These features make term life insurance policies the best policies for the type of coverage they offer.

Term life insurance policies do not include some of the “perks” you will find with whole life insurance. For example, whole life insurance policies may offer guaranteed cash value accumulations and retirement savings plans, but they are also more expensive because of these additions. Term life insurance policies cover you for the duration of the time period you choose, and they cover you with life insurance—period.

Term life insurance policies are perfect for people who are just starting out in the work force and do not have much money, or for people who are suffering from a serious, and perhaps long-term, illness. People in these categories are not usually seeking to invest any a large portion of their paychecks to a life insurance policy that is designed to last for many years. (If a whole life insurance policy did not last for many years, the cash value and investment components would hardly be worth it.) Term life insurance policies are more affordable for those who are just starting out, and more practical for those who are suffering from a serious illness.

If you want the beneficial coverage of life insurance but can not afford all the “perks” of whole life insurance policies, or if you are suffering from a serious and potentially long-term illness and are not looking for years and years of life insurance coverage, then term life insurance is the best value for you! Your next step is to start comparing rates and coverage offered by several different life insurance providers.

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